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Integrate security applications on one versatile platform

GSM INTEGRATED CONTROLS makes it easy and efficient to seamlessly integrate your mission-critical physical security infrastructure. Security is a top concern for you and your business. Though you’re serious about security, without an integrated solution you could be compromising the safety of people and property you are committed to protect.

Your security solution includes independent applications that manage a number of complex systems, each with a different look and feel. You see opportunity to adapt these applications to your existing infrastructure and more effectively monitor your access control, video surveillance and alarm management systems from a single console. Your solution must accommodate the future growth of your business, and accomplish more with less.

GSM Integrated Controls USA provides a unique restoration service model which creates a “pre-packaged” Facilities Control & response. This provides automated real-time around-the-clock video surveillance of all aspects of emergency response.

The service combines the ability to rapidly clear, remediate, build, develop, construct and integrate homes and control facilities with data, security, and electrical/mechanical engineering, including enhanced communications and security protocols that enable the client to have real-time video progress reporting with interoperable networking with local law-enforcement, first responders and health institutions including biological response analysis electronically. This will decrease costs over speed restoration, and prevent theft and unwarranted activities while providing local and remote health-screening (biological and radiological) capabilities for analysis in real time.

The services utilizes advanced design engineering in security, communications, and biological life safety protocols and enables a rapid and aggressive clearance and remediation process proven to accelerate capabilities and control in emergencies. The pre-packaged service offering has the natural ability to restore communities faster than normal, and to a condition better than existed before.

Not only do we build and rebuild commercial and residential properties, but we provide the security and communications systems necessary in refineries, government facilities, and large scale control system environments to keep those properties safe, sound, and connected to local and remote authorities of the operation as well as healthcare providers, enabling the management to track and accumulate data on progress in each stage in real time.

Security is everyone’s business

Whether you’re a corporate executive, a small business owner or a head of household, security and life safety are your business. That’s why GSM offers so many solutions to meet the widest range of needs. No matter what line of business you’re in, GSM is the smart choice.

From home to industry to national security, GSM Security covers the full spectrum of security and detection systems solutions, including hightech video surveillance systems, access control, fiber-optic transmission systems, fire alarm and life safety, key control, residential and commercial intrusion detection.

GSM Integrated Controls USA offers something that’s hard to put a value on: the confidence that comes from working with one of the world’s most respected Integration Companies, one that has been creating new technologies and making lives better for more than 25 years.

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