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Vutp Hybrid® delivers a complete end-to-end security solution with best-in-class graphics, simplified video management of all 3rd party video infrastructure, and flexible integration options to support your longterm business strategy.

Alarm management with graphics command and control

The intuitive graphics monitoring and control interface lets security officers visualize system operation and fully customize device icons on the console. Users can import multi-layered AutoCAD drawings, add and edit single layers in the file while keeping other layers intact—potentially saving hundreds of hours of setup and rework versus other systems limited to the use of static image files.

When an alarm occurs, icons will change in appearance, signaling the operator their status, location and level of severity, all at a glance. Pair this with the ability to turn off unneeded layers to view specific devices and positions, and you will see increased productivity and quicker response.

Digital & Analog Video Surveillance

With the video management console, you’re no longer attached toa single-source video supplier. In addition to video surveillance products, we accommodate some of the most popular third-party video drivers in the industry, and we have the ability to provide bidirectional video on different channels on basic telephone wire with no access to the internet or requirements for IP electronics.

The video management console also provides robust video surveillance capabilities and is accessible on any Vutp Hybrid server or workstation without additional software. It supports quick-launch features with on-screen PTZ and video playback controls, all with easy right-click mouse navigation at your fingertips. Additionally, the console saves image snapshots and event clips to file from live or recorded video streams remotely for any camera—simplifying the creation of evidence video files.

Experience a more effective use of your security team
Vutp Hybrid Wnx integrates better with your existing video infrastructure and maximizes your security investment.

The software offers automatic live video pop-up for immediate visual notification upon an alarm event. It also provides user-programmable automation for real-time eventdriven camera control and digital video recording without operator intervention—reducing video review investigation time.

Photo identification & credentialing

Vutp Hybrid supports an extensive list of more than 500 cameras and other ID peripherals to scale and match each customer’s unique needs including Iris detection from distances tied into data base analytics on an adaptive optics basis. In addition, enhanced imaging and credentialing are incorporated into personnel management forms to facilitate the enrollment and card-issuing process for employees, contractors and visitors from a single database.

The badge design tool gives the administrator complete control over fields, labels, bar codes, custom graphics and offers fully customized photo ID cards containing static and dynamic content. This enhanced feature of the Hybrid architecture Wnx can be used to create and issue ID cards and credentials for even the most secure applications.

API extends feature-rich functionality

The open Application Program Interface (API) provides additional flexibility for meeting customer-specific integration requirements. The feature-rich API offers real-time bidirectional alarm and event processing and remote command-and-control functionality. The standard interface allows third-party security, life safety and facilities systems to integrate with 3RD PARTY ELECTRONICS.

Designed for developers, the API is fully documented and even provides sample COM application code for modeling in Visual Basic, C++ and C# and can be supplied by design in Holograms 3D.

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