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GSM INTEGRATED CONTROLS makes it easy and efficient to seamlessly integrate your mission-critical physical security infrastructure.

Security is a top concern for you and your business. Though you’re serious about security, without an integrated solution you could be compromising the safety of people and property you are committed to protect.

Your security solution includes independent applications that manage a number systems, each with a different look and feel. You see opportunity to adapt these your existing infrastructure and more effectively monitor your access control, and alarm management systems from a single console. Your solution must accommodate future growth of your business, and accomplish more with less.

Take complete control with Vutp Hybrid Management Authority®

VUTP Hybrid® offers versatile, efficient, easy-to-use, integrated security management that fits seamlessly into your IT infrastructure. It is among the most powerful end-to-end solutions for today’s physical security applications.

With GSM Integrated Controls USA more than three decades of development and integration expertise, no other supplier can offer you more effective results. Seamless integration on a single platform.

Integrate security applications and unify security systems including access control, photo identification and credentialing, digital video surveillance, alarm monitoring, intrusion detection and visitor management - all on one security management platform without the need for middleware.

Unlike other leading manufacturers, GSM integrated both the software and hardware for Vutp Hybrid together, with its scalable electronic control solution (Secos) with its open application program interface which has unlimited flexibility for customers who desire further integration with 3rd party systems including IT/Data on a scale which is global and scalable no matter the size, whether your enterprise stretches across the hall or across the globe.

Faster, more effective response

Event-driven automation allows many tasks to be performed without a single keystroke of operator intervention, expediting information delivery of all relevant data, and enabling the quickest response. Operators will also embrace the advanced graphics and intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) that let them visualize system operation and alarm status,ensuring the most accurate interpretation of events(even customizable Holograms!).

Save money, operate efficiently

New features like AutoCAD® import, pre-configured drop-in icons allow simple setup, command and control of virtually all elements of your security system. Gone are the days of costly setup programming to construct site plans and to configure individual parts of the system.

Vutp Hybrid also incorporates an intuitive Windows® look and feel that most security, human resources, IT and other business professionals are already familiar with. You’ll benefit from reduced training costs and increased operator productivity. Additionally, with only one platform to support, you experience quicker infrastructure deployment and minimized operational costs, as well as the added opportunity to reallocate your security staff to other critical tasks,increasing your organization’s level of security.

Experience a more effective use of your security team
A single platform manages all security functions for increased effectiveness.

Security staff manage events on just one seamless application and can perform system administration, monitoring and video surveillance from any workstation on the network. Independent window management of all primary monitoring systems offers superb multi-tasking capability and value. This ability allows a single operator to simultaneously view more real-time data, assess the relevancy of an event and execute appropriately.

Innovative features result in more secure facilities.

Event-driven automation among security system devices minimizes operator intervention, reduces errors and accelerates delivery of all relevant data for immediate processing. alarm events cut through data clutter and help ensure that your

Your operators can also set up video display views, including layout and camera names—a time-saver for operators who need to view video from the same cameras each day. Other advanced video features can reduce your team’s video review investigation time up to 27%.

Security staff also have the opportunity to utilize multiple monitors to extend and personalize their desktops for increased visualization, eliminating excessive application navigation that may cause decreased reaction times.

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